Teen-aid Saskatoon


    Chastity is:

        - Saving all sexual activity for marriage.

           - Purity of heart, mind, language and body.

   How can I book Teen-Aid for my school?

    You can contact the Teen-Aid office:

        by phone: (306) 244-4997

      by e-mail: teenaidsaskatoon@gmail.com

       by fax: (306) 244-9999

Teen-Aid is about chastity

Teen-Aid is a Grade 6 - 12 chastity based sexuality program used in over 40 Saskatoon schools. During the 2017-2018 school year, the Teen-Aid program was used in 41 Saskatoon area schools.

Teen-Aid is an affiliate of Teen-Aid Saskatchewan.

The Teen-Aid program seeks to educate students about the benefits of saving sexual activity for traditional marriage, and to promote renewed chastity for students that have already had sexual experiences.

Chastity has been such a big deal for me ever since I was younger I knew that saving myself would be the best way to go.  I’ve been wearing a purity ring for over a year and I plan on keeping it on till the love of my life changes it to a wedding ring.  There is no emotional baggage with chastity (Grade 12 female).